Solutions at a Small Business Price Point

Improve your Cashflow

One-click invoicing as work completes enables your customers to settle their accounts faster.

Built for Small Businesses

Take advantage of customisation options designed to help unique companies like yours thrive.

Efficient & Affordable

Our tools are designed to make routine business tasks easier for management and employees alike.

Paperless &

Get away from paper and start accessing your business records wherever you are.

The next generation of workflow management

Paper timesheets and workflow documents might have been the industry standard ten years ago, but times have changed. Major companies have already shifted online, and now, smaller operations like yours can join them.

From speedy invoicing to efficient employee management, going paperless saves time and money, not to mention trees. Years ago, gaining innovative, real-time insights into your workflow was prohibitively expensive, but that’s no longer the case.

The best part? Our products only take minutes to set up!

Maximise efficiency

Our software integrates with computers, tablets, and mobile devices, making it easy to optimise your workflow from anywhere, at any time.

  Manage jobs and prepare invoices
  Monitor employee attendance
  Track and manage 3rd-party visitors
  Gain instant, reliable insights in real-time
  No advanced tech knowledge required

That’s just scratching the surface. To discover how ProJobFlow, ProVisitFlow, and ProStaffFlow can help your organisation, book a free demo below

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What small business owners had to say about us

ProJobFlow has been a great investment for our company from the time we started using the product. The easy to use system has resulted with us being able to save time and therefore money. Staff are able to clock in and out with ease and have a clear view of the priorities for the day. Xero integration has streamlined the invoicing process making the task a breeze.
I am very pleased with the job clock system. It allows me to have all the information I require at my fingertips in relation to hours accumulating daily on current jobs. We occasionally have jobs that will take a few months to complete, all the hours are always visible throughout this time. Also to access past jobs, in case we are asked to reproduce one at a later stage, we can easily back cost to see if the hours allowed originally worked out with quotes. It also gives me piece of mind that jobs on the system are accessible from wherever I have internet access. I can even check staff attendance while away from the office. This system is efficient, not over complicated and a pleasure to use.
Duane Stringer
Stringer Fabricators Ltd

Take Your Business to New Heights

(includes ProVisitFlow & ProStaffFlow)
  • Visit register
  • Employee register
  • Contact register
  • Manage and track employee hours
  • Manage jobs and job hours
  • Recurring jobs and custom job templates
  • Email/SMS your contacts**
  • Charge out machine hours
  • Automatic integrated invoicing (with Xero)
  • Optional one-off setup service for $100
  • More info
Standard license
  • 1 Management and 5 Staff accounts
  • Unlimited records each year
per month
Extended license
  • 5 Management and 30 Staff accounts
  • Unlimited records each year
per month

Reap the benefits of workflow optimisation at your company

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*Subscriptions are monthly or annual. Prices are in NZD and exclude GST.
**SMS credits are purchased in blocks to cover provider charges.