We understand that no two businesses are the same and that's why our products can be configured to work for you and your business


Our solutions are an affordable way to improve your processes and bottomline


Using our solutions enables you to stop existing paper based processes and go paperless


This is what we do. We've been in this industry many years, so you can rest assured that when working with us, you're dealing with the best

Will these products work for me?

If you are depending on paper processes for timesheets or jobs it is time to go online and reap the benefits.

Integrating your accounts with your operations helps to get the invoices out faster. With employees entering job hours as they occur you will get timely insight into the progress on the workfloor.

Our products take only minutes to setup so dont hesitate and try them out now!

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With our online services you will

Gain instant insight into staff work hours and job status
Reduce paper based processes and increase your awareness
Remove your physical time clock or attendance board
No need to be a tech guru to work online
Faster billing through the integration with Xero

Enable Staff to record attendance and daily activities via tablets at the workplace. Managers can logon securely from computers and mobile devices wherever they are.


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Software solutions that simply work

$40 per month
(or $400 yearly)

$180 per month
(or $1,800 yearly)

  • Manage staff and clock hours
  • Rounding and Lunch adjustments
  • Management overviews
  • Historic overviews
  • Staff messages to office
  • 15 Staff can clock in/out**
  • 2 Management accounts
  • Basic access roles
  • More info
  • Includes ProStaffFlow
  • Manage jobs, contacts, and staff
  • Billable staff and activities
  • Create template jobs for standard work
  • Recurring jobs in one click
  • Staff book activities against jobs
  • Notify contacts via email or SMS*
  • Charge out machine hours
  • Contact integration with Xero
  • Invoice generation in Xero
  • 15 Staff can clock in/out**
  • 5 Management accounts
  • Advanced access roles
  • More info
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