In ProJobFlow you record all the incoming jobs, specify the breakdown of each job and assign them as a whole or step by step to Employees.
You can track jobs in real-time while staff book their hours against activities performed for the jobs.
You can see the cost of the job increase with the hours booked and machinery used.
On completion Jobs can be automatically processed, so notifications and invoices are sent immediately.
With just one click an invoice can be generated in Xero that contains all the detail and booked hours for the job.
You can choose that only summary information is invoiced with the quoted amount and, if you want, invoice before the work has started.
Product and standard jobs can be set up in templates which can be used to create repeating jobs with all of the instructions and tasks included.
Cleaning and Service tasks can be assigned to the team and by making them recurring jobs you never have to think about creating them again.


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Popular features

  • Includes all of the features of Staff clock and integrates Job clock with them.
  • Managers can create/edit customers and/or import Xero contacts as customers.
  • Managers can create/edit activities that job hours need to be booked against.
  • Managers can create/edit new jobs and assign them to individual Employees or the team.
  • Jobs can contain an unlimited number of specific tasks/materials/purchase orders that need to be achieved to finish the job.
  • Jobs can be Regular, Cash (books against Xero Cash account) or Templates.
  • Jobs can be made recurring (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Annual) which means a new job is scheduled as soon as the previous one is completed.
  • Job clock is configurable to allow for customer specific needs and standard operations. For example: Xero invoices can be created in either Draft or Completed state and if desired Approval can be set to required on completed jobs before invoices may be processed.
  • There is a range of roles available in Job clock that enable assignment of parts of the system to specific staff members.

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With our online services you will

Gain instant insight into staff work hours and job status
Reduce paper based processes and increase your awareness
Remove your physical time clock or attendance board
No need to be a tech guru to work online
Faster billing through the integration with Xero

Enable Staff to record attendance and daily activities via devices at the workplace. Managers can logon securely from computers and mobile devices wherever they are.