A paperless system to record staff work hours.
Employees are requested to clock in/out as they enter/leave the workplace.
Staff can register through the entry on tablets or computers that are placed within the secure work environment.
Those employees that are assigned individual logins can also register from other locations.
Managers can see the state of each employee and their recorded hours.
Rules can be activated to adjust hours automatically for use in your payroll system.

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Popular features

  • Managers can create/edit employees and enable them to clock in out.
  • Employees can select their name from the register and clock in/out (managers can also do this on behalf of).
  • Managers can enter messages for individual staff members (displayed when clocking in/out) and see when they were received.
  • Staff attendance is visible in an overview page that shows if staff are booked in and the times they clocked in/out with running totals for the period.
  • Wages overview shows all the recorded hours (editable by manager) and the totals after deductions have been applied (like unpaid lunch, time roundings).
  • Managers can create/edit new Job clock users.

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With our online services you will

Gain instant insight into staff work hours and job status
Reduce paper based processes and increase your awareness
Remove your physical time clock or attendance board
No need to be a tech guru to work online
Faster billing through the integration with Xero

Enable Staff to record attendance and daily activities via devices at the workplace. Managers can logon securely from computers and mobile devices wherever they are.