Visitor Intake Just Got Easier

COVID-19 guidelines introduce strict requirements for business to maintain visitor registers and track who has been visited.

Most businesses are currently experiencing hardship therefore we offer you the first three months for FREE to accept GET IT NOW

With ProVisitFlow’s paperless software-based system, your small business can virtually process and manage visitors through a tablet at reception.

Optimise Time Management

Lessen the burden on your reception staff and free them up to focus on more urgent issues.

COVID-19 Compliance

ProVisitFlow offers a safe way to track visitor and staff interactions as required by current guidelines.

Reduce Paper Usage

Managing routine information virtually is good for your efficiency… and great for our environment.

Maximise Cost-Effectiveness

Time is money, and the less time your staff spend managing visitors the more they devote elsewhere.

Putting your paperless reception to work

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic requires businesses to be more vigilant about monitoring incoming visitors and their actions while simultaneously reducing the amount of person to person contact throughout your premises.

Forget about log-books, shared pens, and phone calls. With ProVisitFlow, all you need is a reception desk tablet, a set of simple instructions, and some hand sanitizer. The secure system processes the visit and sends out an automated Email or SMS alert to the relevant employee, facilitating a trackable COVID-19 compliant meeting.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

ProVisitFlow is much more than just a virtual log-book. It offers organisations the ability to manage the on-premises interactions of both visitors and employees.

In addition to optimising the reception desk and reducing the number of internal calls, the software gives managers and other authorized personnel a quick overview of the visitor book, employee attendance, and employee activity.

What small business owners had to say about us

ProJobFlow has been a great investment for our company from the time we started using the product. The easy to use system has resulted with us being able to save time and therefore money. Staff are able to clock in and out with ease and have a clear view of the priorities for the day. Xero integration has streamlined the invoicing process making the task a breeze.
I am very pleased with the job clock system. It allows me to have all the information I require at my fingertips in relation to hours accumulating daily on current jobs. We occasionally have jobs that will take a few months to complete, all the hours are always visible throughout this time. Also to access past jobs, in case we are asked to reproduce one at a later stage, we can easily back cost to see if the hours allowed originally worked out with quotes. It also gives me piece of mind that jobs on the system are accessible from wherever I have internet access. I can even check staff attendance while away from the office. This system is efficient, not over complicated and a pleasure to use.
Duane Stringer
Stringer Fabricators Ltd

Manage Visitors & Employees for just $10/month

First three months FREE

With the standard ProVisitFlow plan, your organisation can track an unlimited number of visits per month, with up to 15 employees able to clock in/out, and 2 defined management roles. The plan also includes employee notifications, as well as customisable data management tools.

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